Jim is producer with over twelve years of experience. From 1991 to 2001, Jim worked as an off-line editor and then a producer for Discovery Communications. His work has appeared on The Discovery and The Learning Channel, among other networks. 

In college, Jim decided that he wanted more experience in television production than the school offered, so he started a campus production company that went on to produce numerous programs. From there, Jim freelanced and interned throughout the industry. Numerous credits include: Mind Twisters, Golf the World, Quantum, History's Turning Points, Baseball's Greatest Memories, A Bee's Life, The World: A Television History, and Shark Week. 

Jim worked with TLC and CBS Television to create the anthology 'TLC Legends with Bryant Gumbel.' As a lead producer, Jim worked on the creation of a virtual set, coordination of all materials, and supervision of production elements and talent. He worked with Dan Rather and CBS to reversion TLC's '48 Hours.' Jim worked with Cheryl Tiegs, to create new footage and new scripts for TLC's 'Next To Nothing'. He was a lead producer on Discovery Home & Leisure's 'R&R' shorts. 

Jim has also supervised teams of producers, editors, writers, actors, composers, and graphics designers to reversion or create series such as 'Forbidden Places' with Mark Hamill - 6 episodes, 'The World: A Television History' - 25 episodes, 'History's Turning Points' - 12 episodes , 'This Century' -15 episodes, 'The Survivors', and 'Quantum'. He's also produced and written spots for shows like 'Wild India' and 'Archaeology. ' In 1999, he won a Telly Award and a special 20th Anniversary Telly Award for his work on the Mind Twister shorts. 

Jim is also a certified Avid Editor and is proficient in Final Cut Pro. Recent clients have included Pellingham Casper Communications, Home & Garden Television, Travel Channel, and Raytheon through his company, Cosmic Stuff Productions, LLC and affiliates.

Most recently, Jim appears as both an on air and active producer for the A&E Network’s Reality Documentary Series, Random 1.

Name: Jim Lefter
Title: Producer
Company: Cosmic Stuff Productions

College: ??
Major: ??

Birthday: ??
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